Privacy Policy

Hi! This is the Comic Book Reese Privacy Policy. The policy identifies how Comic Book Reese collects your information.

Comic Book Reese is one individual indie game designer who designs games to create entertaining experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Comic Book Reese respects the privacy of people who play his games.

Comic Book Reese’s games do not include any advanced social interaction or multiplayer and will always remain as a basic single player only.

How your data is collected

-In-App purchases from items in the game will require your billing details asked by Google so you can pay for the item.

-If there is any pressable buttons in the UI interface that bring you to an external website it

WILL ALWAYS BE TO YOUTUBE ONLY. Since some websites and blogs on the internet aren’t very trustworthy these days due to viruses,

external website link promotions/ads by Comic Book Reese will only bring you to a

Youtube Channel or Youtube Video, nothing else.

-No games of Comic Book Reese will have an Online Service that storages your highscores to a database for social interaction. If you delete a game made by Comic Book Reese, score data will be lost. As an individual developer I do not have the knowledge to create a complex social interaction feature.


If you have any questions regarding data protection please keep in mind that this is one guy who has created your game, put in app purchases and external youtube links. If you have any requests for resolving issues such as bugs contact this email.